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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

around the world in 80 gardens

I watched an absorbing programmed by Monty Don entitled around the world in 80 gardens and am hooked.

The one I saw was china and japanese gardens and what influenced them. Monty went deeply into what inspired these gardens and why in China.. searching within himself as to their meaning. Beautiful footage as he wandered through these ancient and very beautiful gardens.

When he visited the Yellow Mountains in China alot was revealed and the way spoke to him ... So that when he went to Japan afterwards he was able to absorb and reflect the beauty of the zen garden in the city and appreciate why they were designed in that way.

If you live in the UK you are in for a treat.

Here is Monty talking about the book and programme.... enjoy


Bradvh said...

Hello Janita
I think that the Mr Don is absolutely spot on about gardens. It is not about how many plants, or how pretty the flowers, it is about what you see in the work you have done. I grow herbs on my deck from hanging planters, its not that pretty but you know, when my girlfriend goes out and snips a few leaves and slips them into her stew or soups, that little garden is the most beautiful place in the world beucause we share the life that comes from it.

janita said...

It is beautiful bradvh. The way we treat our growing spaces is invaluable to our soul and happiness and sharing that with others completes the circle

The ability to grow and use plants in a way that enhances wellbeing in a gourmande or spiritual way is such a priviledge and truly one of lifes greatest pleasures.

Brad said...

I guess I have always loved puttering around the gardens I have had and will have this year, but I had never thought about it as deeply as you describe. I think that filling our spirit in this way it is something we all too easily take for granted and do not think about even though we do gain from it. The loss of Zen.
I think the life we assist in bringing about as we plant and tender is very much akin to our own lives in that this is a function where intelligence does not become a factor. I guess thats a little hard to describe what I am thinking, but that life is at best as important as our own in that it sustains us and we sustain it. A mutual symbiosis of life and a miracle of returned love as well.