Natural Perfume, Music and Embroidery this Trinity weave through my life. They support and give each other inspiration. It is my lifes work and profession. I think about Natural Perfume everyday. It is my reason d'etre. It brings joy, fulfills my soul. Creating beautiful perfumes from flowers, fruits and resins is superlunary. I am besotted, obsessed, deeply in love.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Fifi LaRue and her bootleg balancing act..

I found this Robilee Mcintyre after contemplating further the Prohibition Era and what is happening with the IFRA and 40th amendment.

It seems to be that when governments try to impose over-regulated laws, citizens rise up and challenge authority.

Flexibility and reason is the key, we do not want to become a society like George Orwells 1984..... where everyone is frightened to move because of Big Brother. There surely must be a way for which safety and creative endeavor can walk peaceably together. I think one of the natural perfumery group members put it beautifully, describing in a nutshell, if we do not take a step back we will be living in a plastic bubble..too frightened to come in contact with anything... I certainly do not want to end up in a Michael Frayn's ' A very private life' ...... it is all about communication based on intelligent interaction and balance.