Natural Perfume, Music and Embroidery this Trinity weave through my life. They support and give each other inspiration. It is my lifes work and profession. I think about Natural Perfume everyday. It is my reason d'etre. It brings joy, fulfills my soul. Creating beautiful perfumes from flowers, fruits and resins is superlunary. I am besotted, obsessed, deeply in love.

Friday, 18 January 2008

busy days ahead

These early days in January has found me at the computer sourcing new oils absolutes and attars from Christopher and Suzanne at White Lotus Aromatics. I love the anticipation of what's to come, once the order has been placed and checked. There are some new arrivals which I am excited about. I am looking forward to inhaling their perfume and character, see what story they might tell me, what friends they would like to meet and combine with.

I have also purchased a very fine weighing mechanism to accurately weigh my blends. Eventually I shall go back and recalculate some early perfume formulas from years back. I cannot believe that I am moving into my tenth year come April 5th .... what an incredible journey this has been. So much to learn still so much to explore and so many new insights for my soul to discover.

I have met albeit on cyberspace some amazing people all connected with love and passion for this world of natural perfumery from the botanical world.

When I started this journey I wanted to make friends.... and I have so been blessed. Just trying to walk the walk.... and inhale the beautiful perfumes along the way. :-)