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Thursday, 10 April 2008

the word 'natural'

With all the focus on organic and natural products which is getting enormous press and the boom that has surrounded it, legislation has decided that they want to analise the word 'natural' and omit substances like concretes and absolutes as they have small amounts of hexane left after distillation. This is a tiny tiny infinatesimal proportion.

If this went ahead it could cause considerable difficulties to many natural perfumers who like to separate themselves from other perfumers who use synthetic molecules in their pallette, by using 'natural' preceding perfumer, as well as marketing their perfumes in the same way again to separate and identify themselves in a large marketplace.

Both Anya and Steve Earl have been astute in jumping in to communication and energetically trying to resolve this potentially sticky situation. Tony Burfield from Cropwatch is also active in this.
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Also this morning browsing through I came accross this with some thoughts on this subject... click here.

Natural to me signifies botanical essences that are derived, not from man, but found naturally in the world about us.... the residue from the hexane in concretes and absolutes is infinatesimal. It would be good to come to an appropriate workable solution to this query.

Natural has come along way.