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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

people see right through

Istanbul Market
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It is astounding how quickly the market turns on a dime.

It seems like yesterday that Natural Perfumery was endeavoring to make the Art of creating Natural Perfume known, reaching out to make itself heard. Now, before we know it, we have every Tom, Dick and Harry marketing themselves under this new banner, without any due care and attention, jumping on the band wagon and looking for the easy buck .

True artisans and gifted perfumers will quietly ride out the hoo hah and continue on the path knowing at some point the market will shift and change onto the next 'new' thing.

Natural Perfumery of course deserves the attention, as the artisan perfumers who are creating them .... but I giggle at business people whose hearts are not pure and just in it for the money.... they are just so transparent. ...people see right through.


Anya said...

Dear Janita:

The art and works of those who have a pure heart and true devotion to natural perfumery will endure.

Opportunistic entrepreneurs eager to jump on the latest bandwagon will burn out as their reputations diminish with each questionable product and enterprise.

We're just working on, day after day, as you note, honestly and earnestly moving the art forward, working with the public, doing what we were born to do.

You don't have to be psychic to know the works of the good will endure, and those who build their fortunes upon quicksand will be gone.

I can't wait for your website to debut, knowing how painstakingly and intelligently you are building it, no rush, no hurry - just true art for arts sake.


janita said...

Thank you Anya for your thoughtful and observant comments.

I believe the point about quicksand to be true. To build this community on rock, will give the next generation of natural perfumers solid and secure grounding to continue forward with confidence.

love Janita

Lynn Weaver said...

I was watching TV with my little one the other day, and amazed at almost every commercial break there was a 'Natural/Green' commercial, from vendors like Clorox and J&J, all I could think was, this is an oxymoron! I agree, bandwagon activity. I just hope they don't do to much damage to the art and artistry of Natural Perfumery & Products!
Thanks for your blog, and all of its connections.

janita said...

Thank you Lynn for taking the time to post a comment.

Yes, it really is bandwagon activity. One has to laugh. I don't think they shall ... most of these are built on sand and not on rock...

Happy you are enjoying the blog..
all good wishes, Janita