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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Hibiscus Flower

Seeing as I have used this flower recently...... I thought I would look at it in more detail.

In some hotels in Bali this exotic and tropical flower is used instead of the Frangipani (another favourite) I had no idea that there are many species and colours (all.georgeous)Some like the chinese split petal hibiscus has beautiful design like petals and quite extraordinary to look at.

The perfume certainly when used as a tisane is fruity and for dyeing produces old faded rose colours...... when I tried to tincture I didn't get much scent..... I may try again and just leave and forget about it. Maybe then I will get a fruity surprise...If one plucks a hibiscus petal and blows it from the plucked end, the lobed capsules of the petal can blow up like a balloon. :-)

The plant belongs to the Malva family (mallow) for which the wild flower species in the UK was used by the Physicians of Myddfai.

May 14 2007 tincture update...

The tincture is now a beautiful red colour with a delicious fruity aroma. I may add some more to create a strong mother tincture..

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Anonymous said...

It's nice picture.
Hibiscus always a beautiful flower
In Bali ( in my island, a lot of hibiscus flower planted by Balinese.

Kind regards
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