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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Ingredients IFRA and the 40th amendment

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Dear Perfumistas

This could affect everyone in this community naturals or synths... please take the time to read and vote for Tony at Cropwatch. Your vote is important....... and let us take a stand for balanced reason . Listed below is first the vote then IFRAs response to cropwatch and finally the 40th amendment

I am glad to be a member of the natural perfumery community group..... this is what I said...

' Today, now more than ever ......Artisans are springing up intent to uphold the past traditions of excellence that has been laid down before us..... For example: the Art world has conservationists who study and learn the ways of the old masters so that when a priceless painting needs repair they use the same methods and materials to complete the restoration to exacting standard.....The same goes for listed building.... Cathedral restoration ...Textiles, restoring a piece of the Bayeux they don't use modern dyed threads but traditionally naturally dyed threads so that it is seamless. Artisans don't just use modern techniques and materials they use the knowledge of the best materials and available knowledge of the past because they know it is quality..... that speaks for itself .... these are the standards IFRA need to look at ..... respect and attention to past perfumers and how they approached their work.alongside the best of the present....When that fabulous age of perfumery came was there any IFRA then? Was there any need? Did anyone suffer ? Maybe.... we may not know..... but because of this age of communication everything is thrown under the microscope..... We are exceptionally lucky inasmuch modern technology has given a pallette of raw material that far exceeds what the past well as our understanding..... because of this and scientific breakdowns of molecular structures of oils good and bad , we have to somehow find a way to embrace the old and new traditions of excellence .....It may not be easy ...but, if there is a will there is a way.......'

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